Didim Events - Hosting The 2013 Camel Wrestling

didim events. camel-wrestling-in-didimDidim Events:

This Sunday, December 15th, will see the annual Turkish Camel Wrestling tour arrive in Didim for the 3rd successive year. Legions of camel fanciers flock to the area to witness the ancient sport which dates back to the 1800s. The highly decorated camels wrestle in 5 minute bouts using their necks in an attempt to get their opponent in a headlock. These camels and their owners are serious celebrities, whose photos are displayed in ceremonial tents near the ground. Several of this year’s animals are household names, commanding vast sums from local municipalities for entering their competition because they raise the calibre of the event and attract big crowds.

There’s always something going on in the areas surrounding Didim, Altinkum and Akbuk and we are here to help you seek out the interesting and hidden gems the area has to offer. At Let’s Group we have specialist local knowledge and years of experience in tailoring our services to your needs, so next time your booking your holiday to the area, why not contact us to help make your trip a success. Camel wrestling may not be to your taste but there’s a vast array of trips and events to choose from on the ancient Aegean Coast.