Why You Should Buy a Villa in Altinkum

buy a villa in AltinkumThe Aegean Coast of Turkey is a friendly place, steeped in culture and tradition, yet modern at the same time. With beautiful beaches, bays and coves, the Aegean coastline has everything from fishing villages through to the hustle and bustle of resorts like Altinkum. Combine all of this with the backdrop of some of the world’s greatest archaeological finds and historical sites and you have a destination perfect for relocation and holiday homes. For those who have been here on holiday, it’s almost a certainty that they’ve thought about the possibility of moving to the area. Who wouldn’t want to buy a villa in Altinkum and be surrounded by olive groves and pine trees on one side and beautiful sandy beaches on the other?

At Let’s Group, we always have 100s of villas in Altinkum and surrounding areas available for sale. Whether you would choose to relocate here and enjoy the year round sunny climate, or buy a villa in Altinkum as an investment, we are here to help. One of the great things about the area is the value for money when buying apartments or villas. A 4 bedroom villa in the South of France would set you back over a million Euros, in Turkey you can buy a villa in Altinkum for a fraction of the price, literally a fraction of the price. We currently have three 4 bed villas for sale in Altinkum for less than £95,000! No wonder so many people are choosing to relocate here for a more relaxed and healthy way of life.

For those interested in investing here, maybe using their villa or apartment for 3 or 4 weeks and taking a rental income the rest of the year, there are literally dozens of reasons to choose Turkey. Low cost flights from the UK are plentiful so you enjoy your weeks here and potential holiday makers are not put off by the extortionate costs of travel.

Holidays in Altinkum are not just about the beach. The history and culture trips are some of the best. Try wine tasting, book a Jeep safari or go bird watching. The climate in Turkey is sunny all year round so you can get a 52 week return on your investment, not bad for an area within easy reach of the UK that still boasts value-for-money-investments.

When you are ready to take the plunge in to Altinkum life, whether it’s a relocation or holiday home, contact us at the Let’s Group, we would love to help. We can advise on buying a villa in Altinkum, and all other areas for that matter, locations, builders and all the legalities. We offer all levels of property management for holiday homes across the region so you can enjoy your holiday home rather than worry about it. Demand for property in Turkey is growing and so does their value so get in touch today and see what we have to offer.