Aegean Resorts

Aegean Coast Resorts

Altinkum & Akbuk

Resorts of The Aegean Coast Region


Let’s Group are based in and around the Aegean resorts of Akbuk & Altinkum

The Aegean Coast with its long, warm summers and short, mild winters, boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in Turkey. Whether you like popular holiday resorts, secluded beaches, idyllic fishing harbours or the remains of ancient civilizations, it offers something for everyone.

Rich in scenic beauty, agricultural wealth and heartland of classical civilisations, many of the most famous legends from ancient Hellenic and Roman times can be traced to these shores. In the words of Herodotus, the Aegean coasts “have the most beautiful sky and best climate in the world.” The bays and peninsulas, coves and golden beaches stretch the length of these shores. In this region where the countless events of mythology took place at almost every turn, one will counter the theatres, temples and agoras of ancient cities.

Just a few places of historical and geographical interest:
 Temple of Apollo
 Turtle Beach
 Bafa Lake

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